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How we live
depends on where we live.

Are you looking for an alternative to living in a big city? Do you want to return to the city of Brandenburg or find your new home here? Retreat or restart – get to know Brandenburg an der Havel..

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Finde das Leben


The campaign »Finde das Leben«is an initiative of the municipal housing association wobra and is supported by the city of Brandenburg an der Havel as well as numerous Partners. The aim of this online platform is to encourage newcomers and returnees as well as established Brandenburgers to get to know the city of Brandenburg (anew) and to think about it as a centre of life. We want to convince you: Return. Arrive. Stay in Brandenburg an der Havel.


When the walls of the big city are closing in, it is necessary to find a place that tempts us with new prospects and has a good infrastructure. When we begin to long for the city of our childhood, it may be time to return and fulfil old dreams right here. When the desire for self-realization grows, a place is needed where there is still space for growth. Where urbanity, nature and freedom are united and where visions are still affordable.


Cities around Berlin, including Brandenburg an der Havel, are growing. With the initiative »Finde das Leben«, we, the municipal housing association wobra, want to find out in which ways Brandenburg an der Havel should change and grow to become an even more attractive place for living. We ask Brandenburgers, returnees and newcomers to share their thoughts and tell us their wishes. Which factors are important?



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