Home is more than a place to stay. Home is the feeling of belonging. Home is the place in which our family thrives, in which we work and explore our creativity. In short: Home is where the heart is.


In the magazine section of this website we discuss recent developments and interesting projects in the city of Brandenburg. We also explore where we should begin to make changes to open up space for creative and individual ways of life. We want to shape our city – together with people who are also looking for more than just a place to live – in cooperation with residents and returners. And should you be interested, in cooperation with you.


Here you find interviews with people who have made an impact on the way of life in the city of Brandenburg.


You know someone who should be introduced here? Or do you want to speak about your experiences or draw attention to your project? Share your ideas and send us an e-mail.


The sound of the city


Here and Now

A moment for you alone, at the core of the city: A playlist for all those who are looking forward to the future and making the most of now.


On the Havel

The Havel knows how it goes – she doesn’t let herself be fooled and always finds a way. To keep you floating, here’s playlist #13, music that lets you drift away.