Brandenburg an der Havel is a growing city – it grows with you, shaped by your demands. As a business location, the city offers professionals various prospects in companies that are also active on a global scale. Many employers train skilled workers and two universities of applied sciences offer opportunities for higher learning in the fields of medicine, technology, media, and business.


Living in Brandenburg an der Havel, you can easily participate in working and learning opportunities offered in the capitol Berlin by commuting from Brandenburg Central Station to Berlin Central Station within 45 minutes. The regional railways run every 30 minutes towards Potsdam (40 km) and Berlin (70 km). Every hour there is a train to Magdeburg. The cities are also connected by highway via A2 and the freeway B1.

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Placement and Job Markets

Agentur für Arbeit

Contact: E-Mail

Planning to move to Brandenburg an der Havel? You wish to return to your hometown? You want to return to work after a break? In any case, contact Agentur für Arbeit, the job agency, if you are looking for a job in your field. At the agency at Kirchhofstraße 39 in 14776 Brandenburg, everyone gets individual counselling on job prospects in the city. Sören Kirchner is a career counsellor and you can count on him to help you find the right job.


Most job offers are published online on the Job Board website.

Here you can

  • search for jobs in Brandenburg an der Havel,
  • create and maintain a personal profile,
  • apply for job vacancies online and
  • subscribe to receiving job offers via e-mail.


If you are looking for a new professional challenge in the Havel City and are thinking about further education, you can also find more Informations online.


The Jobcenter Brandenburg an der Havel is a joint institution of the city of Brandenburg an der Havel and the Agentur für Arbeit Potsdam and is also located at Kirchhofstraße 39 in 14776 Brandenburg. The Jobcenter answers questions about basic social security (Grundsicherung) and provides financial support in social emergencies.

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Contact: E-Mail

Wirtschaftsförderung is the business development department of the city’s administration. It has direct contact to companies in the city of Brandenburg and is therefore, mainly because of its active role as a networking agency, regarded as a competent partner in the economic sector. The business development department supports entrepreneurs in search of skilled workers locally and regionally by organising various events in the economic region Westbrandenburg.


Fachkräfteportal des Landes Brandenburg is a portal for skilled workers. It offers job vacancies online throughout the country.


In addition, anyone who wants to start a business, is looking for real estate or an industrial or commercial space, needs information on funding, or wants to manage a business succession can draw on the expertise of Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg an der Havel and its network.

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The Biggest Employers of the City

In recent decades, Brandenburg an der Havel has changed from an industrial location to a growing economic and educational region. Hardly any other city in the federal state covers as many entrepreneurial divisions as Brandenburg an der Havel. Economic potential lies particularly in the sectors transport/mobility/logistics, ICT/media/creative industries, healthcare, the metal industry, and tourism.


In the following, several companies are named as representatives of the sectors, such as B.E.S. Brandenburger Elektrostahlwerke (Electric Steel Factory) and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen (Printing Machines) for the metal industry. In the health sector, Städtisches Klinikum (Municipal Hospital) and Asklepios Fachklinikum (Asklepios Specialist Hospital) are among the largest employers in the city. In the field of nursing, Jedermann Gruppe is the largest of the care facilities located in Brandenburg an der Havel. It maintains residential communities, assisted living facilities and its own hospice. In the field of logistics and transportation ZF Getriebe Brandenburg is the city’s heavyweight with more than 1,500 employees manufacturing gearboxes for the automobile industry. In the district of Kirchmöser, Deutsche Bahn operates its subsidiary DB Systemtechnik at a traditional railway location. In the field of information and communication technology, RFT kabel Brandenburg supplies the majority of the city of Brandenburg with TV, internet and telephone connections. With its software products, vireq software solutions specializes in communication in medical laboratories, hospitals and nursing homes. With more than 40 sales partners and 500 customers, haveldata has a nationwide network. They develop software solutions for human resources, time management and cost accounting.

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Start-Up, Succession, Growth

In Brandenburg an der Havel, there are various networks that start-ups and entrepreneurs can reach out to for exchange and advice. Urban partners also help plan self-employment or business succession and promote business growth.




Whether as a start-up, freelancer, tradesperson or franchisee – professional support from the vision to the actual start of a company is always helpful. In the pre-founding phase, you will find individual advice and guidance at Lotsendienst des Technologie- und Gründerzentrums (TGZ) which is run by Technologie-und Gründerzentrum (TGZ). Their services are available free of charge due to funding from the State of Brandenburg and the European Union. TGZ is an institute for technology and founding. It offers a start-up programme and rents out conference, consulting and commercial premises to (young) entrepreneurs in the district of Walzwerk/Klingenberg (Quenz). In addition, they inform about grants, various types of aid for start-ups, and provide information on voluntary unemployment insurance for freelancers.


For start-ups from students and graduates of Technische Hochschule Brandenburg (THB), Gründungsservice offers consultations and grants. The co-working space Gründungskosmos is available free of charge for students and employees of THB. Regular meetings with other start-ups allow for exchange and access to the university’s founding network.


Freelancers can use the co-working space Wolle. It is in one of the oldest timber-framed houses in the city centre, near Theaterpark and only ten minutes away from the main train station.


BISS is a consulting network of Wirtschaftsförderung. Unternehmenskultur Westbrandenburg has a network called Wirtschaftsregion Westbrandenburg. They both give advice on location, business development, funding opportunities, start-ups, and the recruitment of skilled workers.




Many entrepreneurs in the region are approaching retirement age and are looking for qualified successors. For those who want to take over an ongoing business – either owner-managed or family-run –  Unternehmenskultur Westbrandenburg offers a network that brings entrepreneurs and successors together. It sees itself as an initiative that provides an overview of the wealth of information and advice offered by Partner der Wirtschaftsregion. The business development department of the city of Brandenburg, Wirtschaftsförderung, provides contacts for questions regarding the evaluation of companies, the determination of a price and the financing of a takeover.




Those who want to expand or relocate their company in the city of Brandenburg are supported by both the city and the state – whether through growth programmes for companies with fewer or more than 50 employees or through financial support from Investitionsbank of the State of Brandenburg (ILB). Wirtschaftsförderung Brandenburg (WFBB) Brandenburg (WFBB) helps connect business owners with the right contact persons.

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Education: Studies and Apprenticeships


Brandenburg an der Havel and the surrounding areas offer many opportunities for self-realization – here companies train skilled workers in many different fields or you can enrol at one of the city’s universities of applied science. You can also combine work and higher education in a dual education programme.


Since 2018, occupational orientation and career guidance – especially in the transition from school to the world of work – is being offered at Jugendberufsagentur Brandenburg an der Havel. The agency is a joint venture of the career guidance services of the employment agency, the city administration, and Jobcenter Brandenburg. Under the umbrella of the employment agency, the youth employment agency supports young people to clarify questions and to overcome challenges when choosing a career and finding the right field of study.


Anyone who moves their main residence to Brandenburg an der Havel for a training or to begin studies at Technische Hochschule (THB) or Medizinische Hochschule (MHB)) will receive a residency bonus, Wohnsitzprämie of 100 Euro per year from the city of Brandenburg for the duration of the training or study. You can apply for the bonus in the office of public services – Bürgerservice – at the city or the at your local administration.

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Study with a Start-Up in Mind

Brandenburg University of Technology

Contact: E-Mail

At the Technischen Hochschule Brandenburg (THB), you can choose one of three departments: economics, computer science & media, as well as technology. You can choose to study full-time or part-time. Some study programmes are also offered as dual and online courses. If you should ever get the feeling that the city walls are closing in or you get stung by the travel bug – no problem! More than 60 international partner universities of THB invite you to spend a semester abroad.


THB offers hands-on science in perfectly equipped labs, and a great quality of teaching in its officially accredited programmes. Founding ideas and start-up culture are firmly anchored in the university’s 21 degree programmes. The co-working space Gründungskosmos offers students and employees of the university the opportunity to exchange ideas with other creative minds about business start-ups. On the other hand, the THB’s “Business and Beer” founding guide gives everyone the opportunity to contribute their experiences and ideas about self-employment, including those from outside. Due to the manageable size of the campus, it is easy to make new contacts.


Thanks to THB’s direct connection to public transport services, the city centre, the main railway station, or a nice spot by the water are only a few minutes away. Many students simply ride a bike to get around in the city.

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Practice-Oriented Learning

Brandenburg Medical School

Gebäude der MHB Medizinischen Hochschule Brandneburg

Contact: E-Mail

Brandenburg Medical School – Theodor Fontane (MHB) trains students in the fields of human medicine and psychology at the highest level and with a hands-on approach. By combining research, student education and patient care, it is breaking new ground in the solution of pressing social issues. Their objective and claim are to establish a modern format of education that is liberal and holistic, connects to practice and meets the requirements of professional life.


Three university hospitals ensure a close integration of research, teaching, and patient care. Several renowned partners from health, politics, and science are actively involved in the teaching process.


MHB takes in 48 medicine and 24 psychology students every year. At the beginning of the winter semester 2020/2021, the number of students in the field of medicine will be increased to 96. “Personality counts!” This is the motto for how the university selects its students. It is not the grade point average of the school leaving certificate that decides whether an applicant can start studies in medicine or psychology, but personal criteria like motivation, work experience and character.

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Entry into Working Life

Training in Brandenburg an der Havel

There are more than 2,600 companies in the city of Brandenburg, many of which are also training new professionals. Berufemarkt Westbrandenburg is a job fair that takes place annually in Brandenburg an der Havel. At the fair, future employers present their companies and seek open dialogue with future trainees.

Can I show my strengths in training? Is it possible to put my interests in the spotlight? Is the job fun? Are there alternatives? At the booths, trainers and apprentices from the participating companies will be available to answer questions. If you do not find what you are looking for at the fair, you might search Lehrstellenbörse of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for more offers.


You can also visit companies while looking for training opportunities at urban enterprises and companies in the surrounding area. Check out

Unternehmensbesuche “Schau mal vorbei”. Further offers from the city are available on the website of Industrie- und Handelskammer. The Chamber of Crafts also offers a market for trainees on their website Handwerkskammer. Offers to start an apprenticeship can be found in Ausbildungsbroschüre. A good way to get an insight into a profession is to start an internship or a holiday job.

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