So, you are looking for a place to feel at home. A place that is big enough for your ambitions, yet small enough to feel safe and cosy? Then Brandenburg an der Havel might be the place to fulfil your every dream. A city where kindergartens, schools, doctors, swimming pools, sports clubs, or museums are only a short distance away. Here you can cycle through parks, cultivate a small garden in your free time and relax by the water in between.

All You Need

As the third largest city in the federal state of Brandenburg, the city Brandenburg an der Havel is a base for public administration services and an important health care centre of the region. The city also offers numerous opportunities to broaden your horizons. In addition to general education for children and young people, the city of Brandenburg offers a wide range of opportunities to satisfy your thirst for knowledge or to express your creativity – regardless of age.



With a total of 24 schools, Brandenburg an der Havel offers a wide range of options on the primary and secondary level of education. The twelve primary schools include a Montessori school, a day school and two private schools. Children’s education is furthered in four secondary schools and three gymnasiums prepare students to enter a university for advanced academic study. Students also may complete their Hauptschulabschluss at three special schools in Brandenburg an der Havel. School forms are varied in Germany and in Brandenburg an der Havel you find many. An overview of all schools can be found on the city’s website in German.


Music Schools


Music touches our hearts and souls. The art of music is taught in two music schools in Brandenburg an der Havel: the Freie Musikschule and the local music school Vicco von Bülow. Beginners as well as advanced players of all ages give flight to their imagination by learning an instrument such as guitar, bass, piano, drums, or violin. Or they take singing lessons – by themselves or in the choir. The singer Katharina Burges also offers individual vocal coaching and voice development in her studio.


Art Schools

An art gallery for children and young adults “Sonnensegel” and the “Wredow Art School” provide space for imagination and guidance in search of paths leading to individual artistic expression. With their respective offerings in the fields of drawing, painting, graphic design, sculpture, ceramics, design, new media, literature, circus, and theatre, both institutions are established art schools of the state of Brandenburg.


Sonnensegel resides in the oldest school building of the city of Brandenburg. Things get lively in the quiet timber framed house on Gotthardtkirchplatz, where children and adolescents take part in their weekly courses, visit exhibitions, readings and much more.


The Wredow-Kunstschule is part of the Foundation Wredow’sche Zeichenschule and offers a variety of options from basic courses up to intensive courses and also has a portfolio course in its program. Lessons for children from the age of six, adolescents and adults, take place in small groups – both at Wredowplatz in the district Ring and in the arthaus in Plaue.



Sewing courses, children’s gymnastics, language courses, writing clubs, thematic groups and computer courses are only a fraction of the wide range of courses offered by the public education centre Volkshochschule at Wredowplatz. The “VHS Foto Club94”, which has been in existence for over 25 years, has even become a local legend. Members meet for club evenings, learn from and with each other, discuss their photos and plan exhibitions together.



The public library, Fouqué-Bibliothek, has branches in the districts of Altstadt, Nord and Hohenstücken. It has a collection of over 1,000,000 sources to choose from, including materials in foreign-languages, magazines, games, DVDs and e-books. The Library of the Brandenburg University of Technology offers specialist literature for students and employees of the THB as well as students from other universities and employees of scientific institutions. Bibliothek des Brandenburgischen Oberlandesgerichts is the library of the Brandenburg Higher Regional Court. It offers legal literature and is open to the general public.

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Legal system



Universities of Applied Sciences

The POIs serve to give an overview and do not claim to be complete.

Take Time Off

Wohnen in Brandenburg an der Havel – Theaterviertel


You will not get too close for comfort with anyone in the subway in Brandenburg an der Havel. Mainly, because there are no subway lines crisscrossing the city – there is no need for them. The average Brandenburger travels by bus, tram, or car. Every corner of the city is also easily accessible by bike. Daring cyclists even venture into the city centre despite the beautiful medieval cobblestones.

Leben am Wasser in Brandenburg an der Havel

Quality of Life

Relax and unwind – there are many opportunities in and around Brandenburg an der Havel to do so. In a canoe, on a houseboat or kitesurfing on Heineufer for example, or on Beetzsee … Fishing, sailing, or bathing at the beach at Grillendamm Beach, or at Plauer See … Cycling along the Havel Cycle Route (Havelradweg) around Breitlingsee …

Wohnen in der Stadt Brandenburg an der Havel


Brandenburg an der Havel builds bridges, not walls. Indeed, the city needs bridges, considering its vast areas of water. The indoor swimming pool, shops, the theatre, fitness centres, restaurants, playgrounds, the university of applied sciences, Marienberg, the city park or the nearest doctor could not be reached without them. And of course, the Roland statue … Although, that one is actually only visited by tourists.

Culture and Sports

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The POIs serve to give an overview and do not claim to be complete.

Cultural Institutions

Music and Theatre

Brandenburger Theater (BT) offers events of various genres in various locations. Performances of amateur drama groups such as youth theatre and community theatre rule out monotony on the stage. The internationally renowned Brandenburger Symphoniker accompanies ballet and musical theatre performances and regularly play their own concerts in the usually sold-out Großes Haus.


The Jacaranda Ensemble has earned its reputation as a cultural ambassador with cult status in the city. Five artists weave a musical web of composed and improvised music while combining classical, blues, folk, and jazz.


Nikaya are Brandenburger guys, who made it to the national stage as well as onto the playlists of radio stations. This indie rock band mixes psychedelic with 60s sounds, a little punk and countless other music styles. Several other bands and solo artists refine their sound in rehearsal rooms, back rooms and on the stages across the city. Their music is, like the musical genres they convey, diverse and passionate.


Love of music, especially jazz, unites members of the association Brandenburger Jazzfreunde. Once a year, usually on soft summer evenings, international bands and lovers of music meet at the Jazz Festival Brandenburg, organized by the jazz friends. Every fourth Thursday of the month, the stage is open for musicians of all stripes to play the piano, the drums or to sing. These jazz sessions take place at the restaurant on Marienberg, where listeners sit at cosy tables or by the warm fireplace.


A combined experience of sound and space is offered to visitors of Brandenburg Cathedral. The annual programme of Domstift Brandenburg ranges from classical and gospel to jazz concerts.


The event-theater has been working on its own productions for 20 years and organizes, among other things, the annual festival Klostersommer, taking place at various locations across the city. Cabaret, comedy, book readings as well as the cinema Fontane Klub – the free theatre company has long been an essential player in the cultural scene of the city.


The German-French acting duo Théâtre Au fil des nuages mainly performs contemporary plays and book readings in German and French. In the Theateratelier, located in Alte Fleischerei in the suburb Kirchmöser, the duo experiments with projects that enable the audience to participate and join in. In addition, every second Friday of the month, Alte Fleischerei becomes a cinema.


In Brandenburg Altstadt the community centre has also become a hub for cultural activities. The association, Die Altstädter organizes exhibitions, discussions, salsa evenings or small concerts in the timber framed house. An amateur acting group also rehearses and performs here.

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Museums & Venues

Art and Culture

In its extensive permanent collection as well as in changing special exhibitions Archäologische Landesmuseum offers an insight into the cultural history of the state of Brandenburg and the life of the people up to 130,000 years ago. Since 2008, more than 10,000 archaeological discoveries have found a new home in the former Dominican monastery of St. Pauli. Nowadays, it is simply called Paulikloster and is used as a museum and as a venue for various events. In particular, the Regionalmarkt and the pottery market attract thousands of visitors to Brandenburger Neustadt every year.


Stadtmuseum is in the old town of Brandenburg an der Havel. In the orangery of the half-timbered house, people come together to enjoy changing exhibitions and events. Part of the collection on the city’s history is exhibited on the upper floor of Frey-House and is open to the public.

In a permanent exhibition a branch of Stadtmuseum in Steintorturm shows interesting facts about the history of shipping on the River Havel.


Industriemuseum evokes the 100-year history of Brandenburg an der Havel as a site for steel production. The exhibited Siemens Martin furnace is a technical monument that can be explored individually or as a participant of a guided tour. The popularity of the rough setting of the former steel and rolling mill is increasing yearly, due to the growing number of special events that are hosted here.


Important testimonies and works of art from the eventful history of the Diocese of Brandenburger Dom are prserved at Dommuseum. The extraordinarily rich stock of medieval liturgical textiles is particularly important in Europe-wide comparison. Numerous Gothic altarpieces and sculptures bear witness to the former glory of the furnishings of the cathedral.


Kunsthalle Brennabor is situated in a part of the historical Brennabor Factory. Up to eight exhibitions are presented annually by national contemporary artists.


Young art is not only exhibited at artbox, but also taught in workshops for children and in projects with young adults. artbox is a place for creation and communication, where artists share their knowledge with each other.


Offene Atelier in Brandenburg Neustadt is a place of work and a location of exchange for art lovers. Under the motto “Come in – Try out – Join in” people are encouraged to paint and to make pottery. On occasion a creative children’s birthday party is also planned here.

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Creativity & DIY


Free spirits find a safe haven in Haus der Offiziere (HdO) The venue, operated by Jugendkulturfabrik (JUKUFA), offers bands rehearsal rooms, houses a slackline club, brings together various people in projects, and sometimes even hosts a table football tournament in the basement. At its best, the venue gets intolerably hot as crowds on and in front of the stage dance together at punk and hip-hop concerts, raves and at performances of local bands or DJs of different music genres.


Agentenzentrale (AGZ) also occasionally arranges concerts where visitors can often discover unknown – at least for now – musicians who perform handmade music.


The arts of graffiti and breakdance are also deeply rooted in music. For the latter, the youth centre cafe contact is traditionally the place for training. Legal areas for graffiti spraying are rare in Brandenburg an der Havel, yet at a length of 600 metres, you can live out your creative energy – within legal bounds – on the outer wall in front of the JVA Brandenburg in the district of Görden. The workshops of artbox and Never Enough Streetstore also offer legal playgrounds to test and refine your own talent – on wooden panels, canvases and paper.


The communities of skaters and BMX riders of the city come together in Rollklub e. V. Once a year, the club organizes the Broken Boards Skateboard Contest, where Brandenburg skaters meet colleagues from the surrounding area. In 2019, the European Freestyle Skateboarding Championships took place alongside the Creative Days in Brandenburg an der Havel for the first time. National and international artists thrilled the audience at Industriemuseum.


At the festival hEimWeRTs artists of all genres get the opportunity to present their work at different venues in the city. Every year, the festival offers a platform for readings, workshops, lectures, discussions, theatre performances, and concerts during an autumn weekend. 


Socio-cultural centres such as the city’s children’s and youth organizations are an organic part of subculture. The club at Trauerberg, KiJu, and the community centre Schloss Gollwitz, for example, organize holiday playschemes, excursions and many other projects. In the afternoon, you can meet up with friends for a game or two of table football, ping-pong, or billiards.


Another meeting point is Internationale Bildungs-​ und Begegnungszentrum on Gotthardtkirchplatz. At events, organised by Berlin-Brandenburgischen Auslandsgesellschaft Brandenburgers and migrants get into conversation, cook exotic dishes or dance at regular jam sessions.

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Clubs & Sports

Sports and Fitness

Whether on lawn, on parquet, on mat, on water … Whether indoors or outdoors … Alone or as a team … More than 90 sports clubs offer opportunities for fitness and workout. Everything revolves around the leather sphere at soccer clubs like BSC Süd 05 and FC Stahl Brandenburg. Their rivalry has a long tradition in the city as well as the two clubs themselves. At Fußball-Kids-Club kids from the early age of three play soccer. Young kickers are picked up for training from kindergarten, school, or from home by a minibus.


At hockey or tennis at BSRK players also focus on a round object. Those who prefer to throw the ball, instead of shooting it, score points with the basketball players of the Basket Brandenburg. Team spirit also prevails on the volleyball court, which is played, among others, in the club Sportfreunde Brandenburg. Joining SV63 you become part of one of the most successful handball teams in the state of Brandenburg. Or try out the most American sport by joining the team of FSV Viktoria: American Football.


Children’s gymnastics is a dynamic sport, kids who want to participate might try out SFB 94 or BSRK, which has already trained great gymnasts. Here, children from the age of three romp around learning to hone their senses and abilities and getting to know a lot of new playmates. 


The proximity of the city to the water is also reflected by Brandenburg’s sports clubs: Water polo is played at ASC Brandenburg, sailors set sail at BSRK, canoeists row at the club Free Water Riders an there are the ice swimmers who call themselves, quite fittingly, Brandenburg Polar Bears.


The element of air plays a special role in Krakauer Vorstadt – the gliders of Fliegerklubs Brandenburg have their own perspective on the Havel City: from above.


New perspectives might also be explored at Rollklub – one of the youngest clubs in the city: On the deck of a skateboard or on a BMX bike, the members do not follow exact training schedules and are committed to turning the city upside down. 


At the show dance group Les Copains De Danse music makes the world go round. At public events, the dancers show the results of their hard training: Elaborate choreographies in which everything must run like clockwork.


An overview of all sports clubs of the city of Brandenburg is provided by Stadtsportbund Brandenburg.

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Recreation in and Around Water

A quiet place by or on the water – in a dinghy, on a house or motor boat, a canoe, a raft or, to keep it simple, on a pool float: More than 40 square kilometres of water surface make it possible to explore the city and its surroundings from a different perspective, while dipping your feet into the cool water.


The name Brandenburg an der Havel already indicates the city’s close connection to water, yet the city offers much more than the Havel River: lakes, rivers, canals, ponds, and moats offer idyllic places to enjoy. Gaining access to the waterfront is typically easy. But: Keep your eyes open! Some of the most beautiful places can only be reached by hidden paths or are best seen from the water.


On the contrary, the municipal bathing areas of the city are not hidden gems. Especially the beach at Grillendamm in the city centre, the beach resort Massowburg on the regatta track and Malge are well known and visited by water lovers of all ages during the summer. The Marienbad Brandenburg sis also worth a visit. It has an outdoor and indoor pool as well as a sauna area. The pools are 25 and 50 meters long and you can also do your laps during winter. With so much water all around, children are familiar with the element and are confident swimmers from an early age. The SV 2000, for example, has chartered busses to take children from kindergarten and day care to swim lessons in Marienbad Brandenburg.


Those who prefer to be on and not in water, but do not own a boat, can rent anything that floats on water at Bootsverleihen am Ring, at Jahrtausendbrücke or at Mühlendamm. In case you really want to go with the flow, try Bootshaus at the cathedral – they not only rent out boards for stand-up-paddling, but also floating sofas.

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