The sound of the city

Is it a playlist or mixtape? We don’t care, we just want to give you good music along the way. We have personally put together playlists (or mixtapes), each containing around 30 songs chosen with love. What’s the idea? In the end, each playlist is a soundtrack – and the sound of the city.


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Here and Now

A moment for you alone, at the core of the city: A playlist for all those who are looking forward to the future and making the most of now.


On the Havel

The Havel knows how it goes – she doesn’t let herself be fooled and always finds a way. To keep you floating, here’s playlist #13, music that lets you drift away.



Long Holiday

Don’t feel trapped at home! Here are sounds for children aged 6-12 to dance and play to. The songs were selected by – loving and bickering – siblings of that age. And while the music plays, parents can have a break.




Speed of Sound – Live @Home

Longing for normality – that’s what we do on weekends nowadays. Hang in there! And hang on to good music. Playlist #11 has more songs this time, almost every track is an extended version and carries us over the holiday weekend. We are live @home. (Our advice: Crossfader on!)




Home – such good vibes

Spring fever? No need! Let us distract you, let us make you feel a little lighter. As a backup you’ll find on playlist #10 the next boost of decent music. We’ve put together 30 songs that will help you focus; help you while you’re cooking; help you to overcome your longing to be away; maybe even motivate you to clean house but in all cases puts your mind to rest.




Virtual Insanity

The lights are low, you are seated at a nice table, with excellent food, a nice drink – start your virtual stay at a restaurant or a bar. In the living room or in the kitchen, with friends and acquaintances on the phone, Zoom, FaceTime or Skype; everything and everybody is assembled. The only thing missing is good music. René Kolldehoff from Theaterklause will bring it to you. He has put together this playlist for a weekend at home. We say thank you and tune in.



Everyday Is Like Montag

Summertime! The days of the week are getting mixed up. Each day could be a Monday, a Thursday or, according to Morrissey, a Sunday. Here is our next playlist to cheer you up while working in home office or home schooling or whatever it is you do at home.



At Home by the Havel

Wham! Suddenly, we all sit at home. This playlist is for those who are still a little frightened to look at their new working environment, for everyone tuning in from home office playing the laptop piano. We are satisfied: Our claim “Home at the Havel” finally makes sense @wobra.



At Dompegel

The sun comes up. Clouds of fog dissolve over the Havel. Now is the perfect time for a walk through the city. With music in your ears, it is a reason to praise the beginning day even before the evening. A playlist inspired by the relaunch of #findedasleben.



At Gallberg/
Garden Plot Abendrot

We feel ya! You out there in the garden plots. You are great, guys, but you listen to the wrong kind of music! Here is a mixtape for you. For your next party or whatever you’re doing out there.




Part two of the double album for all commuters. Two dense hours. Dreamy in the beginning and at the end somewhat unstructured – admittedly.



At Hauptbahnhof

The first part of our double album for commuters. For a return. For an arrival. And for staying in Brandenburg an der Havel.



Tschirchdamm/at the Corner of Sophienstraße

“I have a good feeling, a good feeling!” Why? Just listen!



at the Corner of Gorrenberg

Our first and most private playlist. The journey begins, but at the end of the day we will return home again.